A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

June 18, 2014

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Time is quickly passing and my children rarely listen. They fail to hearken to me and to hear my voice. They rise and go about their daily busy lives never giving me a thought. I sit, I wait, I watch, but they do not take the time to think or ponder on me or my word.

Time is getting short. What are my children waiting for? Are you certain for your tomorrow? Do you feel safe in your future? Are you so content and secure in your life that I am not needed?

Wisdom is not sought after. Knowledge of me is not sought for.  For most I am just a passing thought. On Sundays they adorn my pews. They raise their self-righteous hands and sing songs of praise with their lips, but I am far from their hearts. They do not want me as I desire to be wanted. They use me for times of trouble. They wear me as a badge to display for others to see, but at home their badge is nowhere to be found.

Where are you, my children? Where am I in your life? Where do I fit in? Do I fit in?

As your God, shouldn’t I do more than just fit in? As the lover and creator of your very essence, shouldn’t I have priority in your life? Don’t you realize that your life is mine and I can call you home whenever I choose? Do you believe that tomorrow is yours to live? Who told you that? Let me hear the scripture you stand on for your very life. Recite it to me. Bring it to my remembrance. Can you? Will you?

Oh, my children, I miss you! I remember with joy the day you were born into my kingdom. Your love, your joy, your enthusiasm made me smile and brought me laughter birthed from the joy and the pleasure of your love for me. But now my soul aches. It longs for fellowship with you, my children, for you are far off and you rarely enter my presence. Like a parent who longs to hear from her child who is far away, so I long to hear from you daily. Oh how I long with such intense desire to hear from you! My soul aches for you. Do you care? Do you really love me? What does your love for me mean to you? What have you given to nourish our love? How important is our relationship to you? As you long for the love of others whom you love, so I long for you with even greater intensity. Oh how my soul longs for you!

I see the future. I know what is ahead. You are not ready. You are not prepared. There is so much to do. Time is getting short. Time is running out. You think you have tomorrow, but tomorrow is not what you think it is going to be. I see what is coming. I know what is here.  I look at you, my children and I grieve deeply within the very essence of all that I am. You are not ready! You live your life like all is well. It is not! Yet, you don’t see it. Your discernment is dull. You are blended with the world. You should be a light that shines so brightly that those in the darkness run to you and look to you to find the answers they cannot find. To find the hope, the love, the shelter that they do not have. They are wanderers and they are blinded. The world is dark. They look for the lights but they cannot find them for the lights in this world that should be shining brightly and guiding the paths for those that are lost, shines so dimly that they are barely seen.

What makes your light shine brighter? Can you do this on your own? Can a candle light itself? Can it continue to shine where there is no breath of life? If you take away its oxygen, its life source, you take away its life. Though it is still a candle it is not producing the light needed for those around.

I am your oxygen! I am your light source! The enemy is working hard at keeping you from me and he is succeeding. For you are barely flickering.

Oh, my children, come back to me. Remember your first love. Oh how you rejoiced over me! Rejoice over me again! Stir yourself up by spending time with me daily. Learn to listen and to hear my voice as I speak to you. Put aside the less important things. Put me first. Oh how I miss you, my children!

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