A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

September 30, 2014

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There is a darkness, a spiritual darkness covering the whole earth. There is much evil in the days ahead. But like in the days of Noah, no one is listening. People are not heeding the signs and the warnings. They go about their busy lives like all is well. It is not. The darkness is thick. The evil is present. Look outside your limited vision. See what’s going on in the world around you. If you think you are safe because you live in America, you are wrong. Evil is covering the whole earth. It comes in many forms. Complacency stands out in America. Complacency will kill you. It is a silent killer.

Oh my people wake up!

Where are you? I look for you, but I cannot find you. I look in my courts, in my throne room, but you are not there. Where are you? Your brothers and sisters are suffering. Do you not care? Do you think you cannot help? Are your prayers weak and worthless? Am I a God who ignores the prayers, the pleas, the cries of my children? What kind of God am I to you? How do you see me? Am I weak? Am I uncaring? Do I turn a blind eye to my children? Do you do these things to your children? Do you believe you are a better parent to your children than I am a Father to mine? You are weak and powerless because you see me as weak and powerless. If that were not true you would be walking with the full power and authority that was given to you through the precious blood of my one and only Son. Oh, how he suffered for your freedom. Yet you live locked up in a prison with chains on.  A self-made prison built with bars of faithlessness and chains of complacency.

Oh my children, time is short. The enemy is ravaging the earth. You are only safe in me. You must stay close. You must continue to cover yourself and clothe yourself with the blood of my son, Jesus. Be fully armored and fully aware at all times. Listen closely for my voice; it will save your life. But how can you hear me when you do not listen? How can you listen when you do not spend time in my presence? Do not think you can’t be tricked or deceived. You must learn to discern my voice from the enemy’s. Spend time daily in my presence. That is how you will learn. I am your defense. My word, prayer and faith are your weapons. Without my Word how can you pray effectively? Without prayer, how can you have faith? Without faith how will you win the battles that lie before you?

Where are you my children? My throne room is awaiting your presence. I can do nothing without your prayers. All authority on earth has been given unto you. I need your prayers. People need your prayers. You need your prayers. Your family needs your prayers.  There are events that are set into motion and will definitely come to pass, but what happens in between those times depends on my people and their prayers. Not everything is set in stone. Many things happen or don’t happen as a result of the cries of my people. Your prayers matter. They are important.  Why do you think I said that the effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man avails much? Are these empty, meaningless words? Do you believe them? Who are the righteous on the earth? My people are! But sadly, many remain silent. Too busy to pray anything more but their daily ritualistic prayers.  Words that come out of their mouth out of habit and not faith. Faith is what moves me. Faith. Build up your faith by stepping out and doing something with what has been given to you. You keep seeking for more but haven’t used what  you have. Faith when used multiplies itself. It will grow stronger within you as you step out and walk in it. My people faith awaits you. It is knocking at your door. It is tired of being stagnant. Will you invite faith into your life? Look for wisdom, she will help you. She will guide you. The time is now. It is not tomorrow. It is now. Time is short. The enemy is prevailing. Soon, very soon, it will be where you live. America is not safe.

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