A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

June 1, 2014

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Hear me, my children, the storm is not only coming, the storm is already here. The enemy is growing stronger as the time is growing shorter. Faith and prayer is lacking among my people, this is what makes the enemy stronger. As sin prevails the enemy gains strength. My people are in danger. Trouble is ahead. If my people would only pray and believe. It is not hard. Is it too much to ask that my people would pray? Prayer is vital. The enemy seeks, he lives to kill, to steal, and to destroy. He hates me, all who love me and all whom I love. He is out to kill you, to devastate you, to destroy you. You must be prepared! You must always be ready with your armor always on. Do not be caught with your guard down. If you think you can continue on without prayer you are wrong. If you think you can continue strong without daily study in my word, you are wrong. If you think you can be victorious without daily fellowship with me, you are wrong! The enemy is ready. He is watching and waiting. His purpose is set. He is out to destroy you and your family. Not just your personal family, but look around you – he is out to destroy your family! You must unite together in prayer. Pray for one another daily. A united front will stop the enemy. He cannot prevail against a church united together in prayer.

Oh, my children, PRAY! Pray daily. Fellowship together in prayer. Unite in prayer. Lift one another up , build one another up in the faith. Build yourself up. Stir up the faith that is within you. This is vital! I love you, my children, I desire good things for you, but the choice is yours. When you do not pray, when you do not study, when you do not fellowship with me, you become weak in faith. That is when the enemy, who is watching and waiting, will attack. Do not blame me when the enemy prevails. I am always here waiting and desiring to intercede and to be strong on your behalf, but your lack of prayer and lack of faith stops me from moving on your behalf.  Do not blame me, blame yourself! Have I not told you? Have I not warned you? Do you not listen? Are my words not important to you? Do you hear them and then walk away and forget them? What do my words mean to you? Are you so spoiled that my words have lost all meaning, all power and all authority to you? Am I boring you?

Grow up, my children! Put all pettiness aside. Look around. See the times. My heart grieves for my children. You think all is well, you think you are OK with me and with your life. Yet so many of you are lost and you don’t even know it. Many of you are on the brink of disaster, disaster that could be avoided through prayer and belief and through daily fellowship with me. Ask me and I will show you. Listen and I will speak to you. I am not a Father who is far off. I am right here waiting for you. Waiting for your fellowship, waiting to teach you and reveal to you things you need to know! My spirit grieves within me, for many of you will not listen, you will not hear me, and you will suffer needlessly. Oh how I hurt for my children. How I hurt! If only my children would listen! If only they would take action! If only they weren’t so busy with needless activities and meaningless chores. Where do I fit in? When will you take my words seriously? When will I be your priority?

You think there is no accountability. You think there are no consequences. You are wrong! You are wrong, my children, you are wrong! You will be held accountable one day for your lack of prayer and your lack of faith. You will be held accountable for your brothers and sisters sufferings. And you will be held accountable for your own suffering. The way to avoid this is through daily prayer, study, fellowship and obedience. Daily. Daily. Daily!

Encourage yourself and those around you. Unite my children, unite. I love you, my children and I am here, waiting.

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