A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

June, 2, 2013

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If my people could see what I see, if they could hear what I hear, if they could feel what I feel, the altars would be full. For my people are in chains. From the youngest to the oldest. From their innermost being their cries call out to me. My throne room is filled with their tears, their sorrows, their hurts, their fears. I long to release them, to set them free from the chains that bind them. But they do not cry out for release. Their tears are for self. They are comfortable in their chains. To release them would mean freedom. But freedom is not what they are seeking. For freedom from bondage is freedom to serve. Freedom to do what they know they are called to do. But it is fear that holds them back. Fear that keeps them in chains. Oh if my people would learn to love one another. To stop judging one another. To stop walking in a cloak of self-righteousness. Did you know that gossip is a spirit of self-righteousness? It speaks and spews its vomit over everyone who listens. If my people would take off their self-righteous clothes, if they would humble themselves before others and stop lifting themselves up in their own eyes above their brothers and their sisters, if they would speak words of encouragement, words that lift up and not tear down. If they would learn to walk in true humility and love, then fear would be cast out and chains would be broken.

Their cries reach my throne room and I long to reach out and help. But my people cling to their chains and they recoil from my touch. I long to set them free! But before true freedom can come, love must prevail. For without love there can never be true freedom. Love one another with a pure love. As you would want to be loved, love others. As you would want to be served, serve others. For as you serve with a pure heart, you learn to love. Step outside your safety zone of the familiar. Learn to love and serve all. And if my people would do this, if they would truly love and not hate, they would find their freedom and help others to find theirs. You cannot say you love your brothers and your sisters if you are gossiping about them. Gossip is hate. It tears down, it kills, it destroys. It is hatred, and it is infectious. It contaminates all who hear. Learn to walk in true love. Freedom is meant for all and I desire to set my people free.

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