A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

July 16, 2013

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Times of suffering and times of pain come to many of my children.  I do not desire these times, nor do I create them. It is not my will or my purpose to induce pain or suffering to any of my children. Faith is lacking among my people. It is shallow. I have not changed. I am still God. I am still your healer and your provider. I still say yes to all my promises. However, in these times of pain and suffering if my children will allow me, I will use these times to cleanse and to grow. To heal and to restore, to gather my children unto myself. But understand, I did not cause the pain or the suffering. It is not approved by me, but it is used by me. I would rather all my children to walk in perfect health. But that requires a walk of faith and of love on my children’s side. Many perish because of lack of faith and knowledge. I cannot do anything outside of faith. And love empowers that faith. Do not get discouraged, my daughter. I see, I feel, and I hurt over the pain and suffering my children must, at times, endure. It is not my will, or my purpose. But do not get discouraged, continue to draw close to me. Learn to trust me and to continually walk in faith. Faith must grow. It cannot remain stagnant. It is either growing or fading. Faith is action and action is motion. Faith is always moving. What direction is yours moving in? This should be a daily question. Daily, take account of yourself. And if you are daily moving forward, if you are daily growing and your faith is not working, then examine your heart. Who are you not loving? Love and faith work together. You must have both. Love by my standards, not the world’s. Examine your heart daily.

My people need me now more than ever. But they don’t know it yet. There is an attack on my people stronger than any other time in history. The enemy’s time is getting short. He knows it. He is attacking harder than he ever has before. He is gaining strength through lack of prayer and lack of faith. He is taking my people one by one by one. Now more than ever, my people need to gather together in unity. Unity of faith and of prayer. This is the only way to prevail over the enemy. Division gives the enemy power. Unite, my children, unite! Draw together in prayer. People of faith must bind together as one. This is a strategic tactic. The enemy cannot prevail against a united stronghold.

Pray for my people. Pray for unity. My church must come together as one people. The enemy’s camp is strong. They are united in one purpose; destruction. My people are scattered and broken, prideful, disconnected, and un-jointed. They must come together as one.

My daughter, keep praying, keep believing, keep trusting, do not get discouraged. I am with you and I hear every prayer you pray. Trust me. I love you dearly.

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