A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

May 30, 2013

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This is not the time to be complacent. This is the season of preparation. Prepare yourselves, arm yourselves for war. There is a spiritual battle on the horizon. One as my people has never known before. Prepare yourselves! Study my word. Let it fill your innermost being. You must gain direction and understanding. Wisdom is knocking at your door. Let her in. Complacency will destroy you. You must rebuke it! Rise up and be strong. Be firm, be committed, and be established. My Word is the firm foundation on which you will stand. Without it you will surely fall, and great will be your fall!

Through the blood of my Son, you have found freedom. That freedom is meant for all. Give that which was freely given to you. For time is short, it is quickly running out. Do not fear man or what man can do to you. For I am with you, watching over you, leading you, preparing you, protecting you. But even though I lead, even though I guide, even though I prepare – you must do the work or else you will fail. There is so much work that needs to be done. When will my people put me first and seek out wisdom? When will they stop going their own ways and doing their own things? I have plans, good plans for my children who obey me and follow me daily. Come, my dear children, come. Now is the time of preparation. Sit at my feel and learn from me. Listen to what I will speak to you. Do not put your trust in self, riches, or men. Rely solely on me. Put your trust in me and in my Word. Be a part of what I am doing in these last days. Yes, my plans will surely come to pass, in the appointed time, but you can play a role in these plans and in these times. You can make a difference in your life and in the lives of those around you. Will you and those around you come through victoriously? Or will you and the others around you fall as my plans are being established? Do not take your role lightly, for lives are at stake. Be prepared. Arm yourselves for battle. Stand firm and believe me and my words. Be people of faith and action. For faith without works is truly dead. You have much to learn and much to do. Now is the time for preparation. Sit at my feet, listen, learn, study, obey. Learn of me, learn of my ways. I am waiting.

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