A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

April 26, 2013

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The time is quickly approaching, a time of singing and dancing and worshipping the Lord. A time for miracles, signs, and wonders to once again be seen by my people. The world will see and take notice. For a season there will be peace. Then a time of great persecution will follow. Persecution like this world has never seen. Many will perish forever. Many will rise up and live forever. Great and mighty is the God of the ages! His plans and purposes will be established on this earth and in the heavens! Man makes his plans, God has set his. They are already in motion. The time is swiftly coming. Prepare yourself. Arm yourself for battle. For great and mighty will this battle be, and only those who are prepared will stand. All others will fall. And great will be their fall. Help prepare my people. Teach them truth. Show them how to wear it and apply it. It must be more than just on their lips. It must be in their hearts and in their spirits. They must know and be thoroughly convinced of the truths of my word. Without this they will not stand. Yes, a great persecution is coming. But before that, a great awakening. Do not sleep through it. For this will be your time of strengthening. You will need what the Spirit will abundantly and freely give during this season to make it through to the next. Remember the famine that came to the land? During the seven years of plenty they gathered enough to keep them strong through the years of famine. Now is the time to start gathering and to start storing. Now is the season. What is plentiful today will soon be gone. And only that which you have stored will remain. Be strong. Stand firm. Awaken. Arise. Move forward. Now is the season! Awaken, my church, awaken!

If you allow yourselves to be distracted by the things of and in this world, if you allow yourselves to remain busy and do not set time for me  and my word daily, you will be weak and ill-prepared for what is coming. I must be first. I must be your priority! Study. Learn. Believe. Apply. Make your spirit a storehouse that is full of my words and my truth. Awaken, my church, awaken!

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