A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

March 20, 2013

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Sandy, my daughter, my friend, how I love you. How I love and cherish these times together. As you seek me and draw nearer to me daily I will draw nearer to you. I will teach you and I will show you things you have never seen before. You will speak things never spoken before. Some will listen, some will not. My word is a dividing line. It is a revealer of hearts. It is not meant to separate my children from me forever, but to draw them near to me. For they have fallen in pits of complacency and do not know how to climb out. Their strength is gone so they do not even try. The world and everything in it has distracted them. This is the plan of the enemy. But I have a plan, too! It is a good plan and I will bring my people out of this pit and those who are truly mine will come out with shouts of joy! They will reach out and help their brothers and sisters. There will be healing in their tongues and in their hands. They will reconcile others to me. There is coming a great renewing of my word in the lives of my people. They will rise up once again before that great and terrible day. This will surely happen.

Continue to draw near to me. Let me be first in your life always. Put aside those things that distract. The things that steal your time. For time is short, so regard it as precious and use every minute wisely. My eye is upon you. I am watching you and waiting to see and to act on your behalf and the behalf of all my children. I love you, my daughter. Continue to draw near to me daily.

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