A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

March 14, 2013

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My people call out to me, but they do not hunger for me. They seek me yet don’t find me because they do so with half a heart. They are not all in. My word says that when you search for me with your whole heart, then you will find me. When you hunger after me as a starving man hungers after food, then you will find me. I long to be found by my people! I long to show myself strong to the nations through my people! This world is dying fast, and I am coming soon. I wait for those who will come to know me. I long for those who never will. It is not my desire for any man to perish but I cannot wait much longer. The time is coming soon. The anguish that is in my soul for those who are lost and will remain lost, pierces me deeply. I hurt for them! But I also hurt for those who are mine, but walk as if they are not. They are lost like sheep without a shepherd. Yet, they have a shepherd. They just choose not to follow, not to obey, not to listen. They don’t heed my Word. It just sits on their shelves as a status symbol, more than anything else. Ask them! Just ask them what are some of my promises. Most won’t know them. Some know a few. And of the few that know them, even less know them completely, and how to apply them.  Like medicine that sits in a cabinet or on a shelf, safe in its bottle, are my words tucked between its covers.  Useless to the ones who need them, until it is taken properly and applied to their lives. My Word is alive and active! It was never meant to sit on shelves, it was meant to live inside living vessels, flowing through their blood streams, becoming alive and active within and without. Their spirits are meant to be storehouses of my Word, but they are starving and severely undernourished. When calamity comes, my Words – my promises – are not there! Therefore, what they have stored in their souls comes forth. Worldly directives take precedence over my Word, for that is what is stored within them. When will my people take my words seriously? When will they believe me? When will they act and walk in true faith? Faith unfiltered through the soul, but faith that comes directly from the spirit? When? When? When? I lovingly wait, and painfully watch as my people are destroyed one by one for lack of knowledge and understanding.  For fear of walking in truth.  Fear of persecution, not only from the world, but from within their own families, from within my church! They discourage more than encourage. They mock more than they lift up. They discourage my people and my words from being used properly. Let them go! They that mock and stare and judge falsely – let them go so that they who are desiring to grow can grow. For it is through those who long for me and seek me daily, that I will show myself strong. From the very young to the very old. I seek those who seek after me. Set yourselves apart to be holy. Sanctify yourselves and your land, for I am coming to see and to show myself strong and your camp must be holy. I will not dwell where there is sin. Not even “small” sin. I am a holy God and therefore I require holiness. Will a king jump into pig slop? Will he walk in it? Will he get his feet muddy with it? No! Never! Neither will I! Clean up the camp and I will draw near! Let those who go – go! Let those who remain, draw near. Be holy, as I am holy and you will see my power and my might. You will witness what I will do in and through and for my people. The time is drawing near. Sanctify yourself, I say. Sanctify the camp. Set yourself apart for me. I am your God.

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