A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

February 28, 2013

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There is no one like the Lord your God who rides on the clouds to help you. There is no one like Him Who sees all and who knows all. Who is like the Lord your God, whose love abides over all His children? Is He so deaf that He cannot hear? Is He so blind that He cannot see? Come nearer. Come nearer! See the truth, know the truth, it shall set you free! You are a chosen people set aside for me, but the worries, concerns, problems, toils, and riches of this world hold you back. Your focus is not on Me or My Word. Wisdom is seldom sought out. She awaits those who seek Her. She is anxious to draw near to them, to teach them, to help them, to guide them. But they are very few. Where are they that diligently seek Me? That purposefully draws near to Me? Where are they?

Where are you, my child? Where are you as the days draw on? Where are you as each day passes by? What is it that has your main focus? Is it Me? Is it my Words? Where are the promises? Are they within you? Do you focus on them and meditate on them so that they are the main focus of your day? I have given you this time. What are you doing with it? Seek direction from Me and I will guide you and lead you with a gentle but firm hand. I will teach you. But you must obey and be willing to do all that I ask of you. When you go your own way and do your own thing without seeking me, it is as rebellion.  Like a child who awakens and pays no attention to the parent but goes about as he wills, so is the child who does not seek me daily.

I am not one who is to be put on a shelf and taken off when needed or wanted. I am not to be controlled or conformed by you! You are to be conformed by Me! I am to be in control by being placed first in your life on a daily basis. I am not to be a whim, someone thought about but not paid attention to until needed, or until you find the time. I am to be first! I am to be number one!

When you seek me with all your heart, when I am consumed by you, you will find what it is you are looking for. I am not hard to find as you may think. I am very near. Nearer to you than you know or are capable of believing at this time. You must seek more diligently, more thoughtfully, more purposefully. More! Half a heart, or part of a heart is not good enough for Me. You must be all in! Draw nearer. Dig deeper. Study harder. Pray more often. Hide my words within you. Practice them daily. I am as near as your words. Healing is not something to be sought after, it is something to be walked in. It is a part of who I created you to be. Trust in the promises. They are my words. When have I ever gone back on my words? When have I ever failed to keep a promise? Am I a mere man that I may lie, or forget, or neglect to keep my word? What are my promises that I have promised to you? Do you know them? Do you remind me of them? Do we sit in fellowship and talk about them?

I am not to be kept on a shelf and brought down when needed. I am not someone you go to when you find the time to fit me in. I am to be number one! And you will not be all you were created to be until I am Who I am in you – completely. I am not an afterthought. I am number one. I am your all-in-all. I am first and last in your daily walk and life. And I am all that is in between!

My children ask, and beg, and want, but I am far from them because they are far from me. They want to take, but they are not willing to give. Excuses, excuses, is what I get! Busy with this, busy with that. Where do I fit it? Am I to be just a small piece of the puzzle of their daily day? NO! I am to be the whole completed picture! I am to be wherever they are and whatever they are doing. But sadly, more than moments go by without even a thought of me.  Hours and days pass by. Yes, even months, and for some – years. Until they need me. Sure, some do the social thing and show up on Sundays, but their thoughts are far from Me. Their thoughts are on their day or their week or their family or their friends. But not on Me. Oh, how I long to be a daily part of not just their thoughts, but their lives! I want to be a part! I long for this! It is what I created my children for. But I cry out and no one hears. My voice is drowned out by the sounds of their fears, their problems, their worries, and their concerns. They turn to TV for peace, instead of Me. They turn to gossip with others, instead of wisdom and fellowship from Me. Oh, they are far from Me. They want so much but give so little.

Will you be different, my child? Will you draw near to me? Can I be more than a passing thought to you? Can I be more than someone who is put aside until you find the time, as you do other ‘more important’ things? Oh the riches I have that I desire to bestow on you and all my children who love me wholly! They are sitting and waiting. My storehouse is full but my children are in want because they do not draw near and take what rightfully belongs to them.

You cry out to me to show myself strong to the nations and to the world. Don’t you know that I want to! That I long to! Oh, how I long to! Even my children in the desert, as stiff-necked as they were, were easier to speak to than this generation. Upon correction they would humble themselves and ask for forgiveness. Not this generation! They are prideful and rebellious, bent on going their own way and doing their own thing. They raise their fist to me and vehemently disown me. They turn their backs to me and walk in their own ways. Yet, I am patient. I want them back! Oh, if they would only love and trust me! Will you? Completely? Fully? Will you give me your all? Or is the cost too high for you? Am I worth all of you? Will you be like the poor widow woman and give me all of you, until there is nothing else left to give? Or will you hold back and give me only a portion of yourself? You need to know what you are truly willing to give. And know this – you cannot give more to me than what I can give to you. You will never be more willing to give to me than I am willing to give to you. My storehouse is full. Just like Joseph’s. The people had to finally give him everything, even themselves, in order to receive from him. The same is true with me. As you continue to grow in Me, I require more and more of you. I require your all. I require everything you are, if you want more. I have more. Do you want more? No one is forced to give. You choose to give, with a joyful and expectant heart. You will not be disappointed. You will never give more than I.

I am here. I am very, very near. Don’t look at other people’s experiences. Ours will be a new and fresh one.  You and I.  Am I worth it? Or is the price too high? How much of Me do you want? How close do you desire to draw to me? The choice is yours. I am here. Patiently and lovingly waiting. Oh, how I love you and long for more of you! Oh, how I love you!

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