A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

March 17, 2013

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Why do my people not desire me? Why do they not hunger after me? Why do they not want the power within them? Why do they not come running to the altar where they will find what they need? Why do my children remain standing at the foot of the mountain? They do not hunger for me. They hunger for self. They simply do not want what I have to offer. The price for them to pay is too high. They lack faith and they lack belief. Their desires are of this world and of the flesh. There is soon coming a dividing line. I will draw a line between those who hunger after me and those who hunger after self. It will be plainer and plainer to see.  They that hunger after me, I will withhold no good thing. Those that hunger after self will never be satisfied. There will be no peace or rest for those whose desires are for this world and for themselves. I will give them what they want, yet they will not be satisfied. But the righteous who hunger after me will be filled and will be satisfied. Yes, a dividing line is coming. So leave, you hypocrites whose hearts are far from me! I would rather you be hot or cold, but since you are lukewarm I will spew you out of my mouth! I desire those who desire me. You see, you are not an unlearned people, you know the truth, but you choose your own way. So go your own way, make room for those who desire to serve me. And when you turn and see what I am doing among my people, your heart will burn with jealousy. Then you will want what you do not have and your spirit will long for those things that I have wanted for you all along. But be forewarned – seek me while I may still be found by you. Come quickly before the doors close. For the day is at hand. I am coming soon for a bride who is ready. So make haste and turn to me quickly. I am not a God who desires evil, I love all my children and show no favoritism, but I draw near to those who draw near to me. Do you feel far from Me? Draw near and I will meet you at that place where you will find me. Come quickly, I say, come quickly and don’t look back. I long for  you. Do you long for me? Search your heart. Examine yourself. What do you really want? Where do your true desires lie? Judge yourself so you will not be judged. I am coming quickly! The dividing line is at hand. What side will you be found on? I love those who love and fear me. So many of my people do not fear me. That is why they go their own way. Those that fear me love me, honor me, and obey me. Those who do not fear me turn from me. They go their own way and do their own thing, day after day. I am a loving and patient God, but time is quickly passing. I am coming soon. The dividing line is at hand. What side will you be found on? Choose whom you will serve, but serve with your whole heart. Do you hear what I am saying? Do you understand? I am coming soon! Hear me! I am coming soon!

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