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A Minute Away from a Miracle

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I love that God is also a poet! One day while in my quiet time with the Lord, He dropped this poem into my spirit. A beautiful gift from Him to me, and now to you, also.  I am not a poet at all and as with all the words God gives me I take  no credit for this poem. This was all God! I hope it blesses you as much as it has blessed me.


When times are tough and trials seem too much – remember I AM.

When hurts run deep and failure seems steep – remember I AM.

When hope dims and doubt begins – remember I AM.

When you feel alone whether in a crowd or at home – remember I AM.

When tears are falling and no one’s calling – remember I AM.

I AM the God that calms the storms.

I AM the God that refines your life.

I AM your Father. I AM your Friend. I AM your God.

When on your bed you pray the prayers through lifted hands and veils of tears – remember I AM.

When you sing the songs among the throngs and worship me on bended knee – remember I AM.

When laughter’s heard from all around but where you stand none is found – remember I AM.

Don’t worry about the friend that flees, don’t focus on the problems, please. Remember, I AM.

I AM your help in times of need.

I AM the God who always sees.

I AM the friend that never flees.

I AM your God.

I have a plan for you that’s right. Although at times it feels as dark as night. All things I have for you are good. I wish you could see it all. I really wish you could!

But little by little it shall be revealed. Trust me, my child, though much is concealed.

The time will come, as you will see,  and you will have learned to trust in Me.

Though times seem hard and overwhelming, there’s a reason for this season of melting.

For you are being formed and perfected. A vessel of honor to be used by the Master. You gave your life to me and I took it. You gave me your heart and I have seen it. Even the deep, dark chambers I have seen. For you have willingly kept nothing from me. I am here to clean and refine. To restore and make new. I have a plan for you.

The plans you make you must forsake.

Let Me direct your path, my child,

it’s tried,

it’s true,

it’s undefiled.

And some day when in My arms you’ll be, you’ll look back and then you’ll see –

The trail of tears flowing deep with trials became the beautiful river that flows with grace for miles.

It runs the path through mountains high and valleys low mixed together with heavenly rain which flowed from my throne.

But can you tell by looking my dear, where the tears began and the rain did end? They flow together as one through rocks and rapids, through calm and peace. Once shallow and still, now deep and full.

Watch closely now and listen, too. Shhhhh…. Be silent, and you shall hear. Do not, my child, do not fear. Here it comes…. Do you see it now? Listen closely to the sound. Oh the sight! The beautiful sight! Meant for watchful eyes and a heart that’s right. The falls, the beautiful falls! The cleansing falls that runs deep where few have dared to go. It calls you. Will you go? Will you go deeper in me? Will you trust Me? We’ll go together. Human tears and heavenly rain.

“Deep calls to deep. In the roar of Your waterfalls all Your waves and breakers have swept over me”. Ps. 42:7

Listen, and you shall hear. The time is drawing near, My child. Don’t stop now. Do not stand in the mirage of the calm. The adventure is still ahead of you. Rejoice! For the time is near and you are just a minute away from a miracle!

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