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Until We Meet Again

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While creating a memorial slideshow for my 15 year old nephew who died suddenly one Christmas Eve, my heart was overwhelmed and this poem, inspired by the Lord, was created. If you are suffering a loss, I am so sorry. I hope this will bring you some comfort, if even on the smallest level.


Oh, for just a glimpse of heaven,
To see my loved ones there.
To behold the smiles upon their faces
To taste of joy beyond compare!

But if my earthly eyes could see,
Would my hurting end?
For how with mortal mind and soul
Can the spirit comprehend?

For I am bound by flesh and bones
But they, they are set free.
And should they catch a glimpse of me
Is it pity I would see?

For there they have no pain or sorrow,
No care, nor fear, or fret.
But here I struggle, weep, and worry,
My desires never met.

So if I had a glimpse of heaven
Could I aspire to remain
In this place of turmoil, sickness, and hardship,
Filled with so much pain?

And so with eyes of faith I’ll walk
And trust the One who sees
That in the course of time for me
Unanswered questions He’ll appease.

And then I’ll know beyond all doubt
What my heavenly Father knew;
His plans for me were always good;
His Word was faithful, trustworthy and true.

For life on earth is a blink in time
Given to us to prepare
For the eternity He has promised
To each of his children here.

So, I lay my questions at His feet,
And I’ll hold you in my heart,
Until the day we meet again
And embrace you in my arms.

Then hand in hand we shall stroll
Down streets made of pure gold
And we will share eternity filled
With peace and joy untold.

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