A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

November 12, 2015

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Time is growing short for all men. The enemy is progressing in his plans against my people. Many will fall. If my children will not listen, if they will not obey, if they will not place me first in their lives, they are in danger. Spiritual danger as well as physical danger. Oh, hear my heart my children! I love you! I have given you all things! Everything you need for a victorious life dwells within you! You cry out to me for help, yet help has already come. Learn who you are and walk in it.

My children, you walk around as if you are powerless, yet all the power you need resides within you. You are the temple of my Holy Spirit. Do you not understand what that means, my children? Do you not know? All power and authority has been given to you by virtue of my name. The Holy Spirit, your counselor and your guide resides within you to help you and lead you. How often do you fellowship with my Holy Spirit? I have told you in my Word that all you need to do is ask and that whatever  you ask the Father in my name I will give you. All my promises are yours for the taking. I am always saying “yes” to every promise I have given you!

All power and authority on earth has been given to man. It is through you that I work on earth. This is how it was ordained from the beginning. But you don’t know who you are! You don’t know what you have! You lack power because you lack wisdom. You look to man for the answers instead of searching for yourself. All you need is in my Word. Search for wisdom like hidden treasure. Stop letting the things of this world take first place in your lives! You read my Word and you wonder how the people could have had so many gods in their lives – look around! So do you! You may not call them gods, but whatever is above me in priority in your lives is your god above me. I will not share first place with any other god. I am not only to be number one in your life – I am to be the only One! Search for me! Search for truth!

You call yourself a Christian? Then act like it! Faith without works is dead. Where are your works? Show me! Are you spreading the Gospel? Are you casting out demons? Are you healing the sick? Are you raising the dead? Show me! Let the world see what a Christian really is! Help the blind to see and the lame to walk. Give what has been given to you. You don’t think you have anything to give? Then go back to the beginning and learn who you are. If you do not believe that you have anything to give, then you have no idea who you are, what I have done for you, or what you have been given by the blood and suffering of my son. Go back and learn. Search for wisdom and you will find her if you search for her with all of your heart.

Time is short. Evil has come. It is here. Will you stand? There is nothing to fear if you know who you are, if you you know who I am, and if you know who we are together. For I live inside you through my Holy Spirit. All that I AM is within you. Know this and walk in the fullness of it. The lost is seeking for answers. Will my church be ready to answer them? It will take every member doing their part to win this war in the fullest way. If not, there will be many casualties that should never be. It is up to you, my church. It is up to you. Faith without works is dead. Where are your works?

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