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A love for God

April 13, 2014

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People are dying. Everywhere, people are dying. I am losing them one by one. As the church goes about their day doing the things that they do, people are dying. My soul is grieved beyond comfort as the people are dying.  My people come to church, they lift their hands in praise and worship to me after having lived their weekly life as they choose. They go about their days oblivious to the world around them. Every day they pass by people who are bound for hell for all eternity and they never say a word. They never give them hope. They are filled with power, yet powerless. Like a car full of gas with no key. Powerless. When will my people wake up to all that they are and all that they are called to be? When will they walk in all that I have for them and for this dying world? I look around, I see the pain, I hear the cries, I feel the suffering. I see it all and in the midst of all the pain, suffering, and death I see my children walking around with blinded eyes and a smile on their face because their little corner of the world is ok. They have their home, they have their food, they have their clothing, they have their family, they have their bible, they have their Sunday school, they have their faithful preacher, yes, all is good to them. But that is not what I see. All is not good! Death is everywhere! I am coming soon and even though this is a day my children are looking forward to with great anticipation, it is a horrible day. For many will be lost forever. My children wonder why I tarry. Why am I taking so long to return? Oh, just look around! Take the blinders off! People are dying! They are lost! And the ones with the answers remain silent. Caught up in their own little worlds. I hear my people say, “What can I do?” Reach out! Reach out! Take a chance! Will you meet rejection and persecution? Yes, at times, but aren’t souls worth it?  Oh, stop tearing one another down! Stop with the petty grievances. Grow up! The enemy is playing with you! You are his pet toys as he causes diffractions among you and then stands back and watches you walk  into the waves he creates and then laughs at his success. Oh, if my people would just wake up and live the life they should be living. If they would just walk in the plans that I created for them even before they were born. If they would read my word and understand my word and walk in my word. All my promises are good! So good! Yet most leave them laying on a shelf, pretty to look at, but powerless to change. Like a man dying of thirst who places the pitcher of water on the shelf and admires the crystal the life-saving water is contained in, so is my word in the hands of my people.

Oh, my children, you are meant to be so much more than what you are! Your lives are so busy, and yet so empty. Void of many of the things that truly matter. Eternal things. The enemy has you blinded! You are so busy with temporary things that bring temporary satisfaction. The things eternal are lost at your feet.  If you would gather together and lift one another up, encourage each other to do good works, bind together as one, walk in my promises as you apply them to your life, then your eyes would be opened and you would see.   You would truly know and understand that this world is full of hurting and dying people. People who will be lost forever. Yes, you have a wonderful home to come to in the course of time. A beautiful home prepared for my children who love me, obey me, and serve me. But what about the others? Their eternal home is one of pain, suffering, and torment to such a degree that you cannot even imagine. Why do you not care? Don’t tell me you care when you pass these people by each day! Every opportunity you have to do good, you should be doing! But, you are too busy. You don’t have time to even pass on a smile or a hello. You don’t have time to have a conversation with the person stuck in line next to you, you don’t have time for the cashier, the food attendant, the doctor, the nurse, the neighbor, and so many other people you come in contact with as you go about your busy days. And for so many, even if you did have time, you still wouldn’t speak. For you have been torn down and broken not just by people outside the church, but mostly by those within the church. You are discouraged because the encouragers remain silent. Fear, like a snake, slithers among you down at your feet and affects your walk. So many times I say do not fear, yet, you fear. You allow fear to control your actions and put a halt to opportunities. But I have not given you this spirit of fear, so why do you so readily receive it and place it over and above all my promises? Why? I have placed you so far above all these things and that defeated enemy should remain under your feet. He should not be slithering around your feet! Why do you allow the enemy access when I have defeated him and handed the victory of that defeat over to you!

Oh, my children, my children, I love you! I see your chains, I see your thorns, I see your walls. You are captives that have been set free. You are captives by your own choosing. Turn aside from your captivity, look into my word and my promises. My promises are good! They are alive and active! They are available for you! They are treasures that are of more value to you than any earthly treasure you will ever find! Turn aside and look!

I am waiting and I am watching. I long to see you walk in all that I have for you. And everything I have is yours! I love you, my dear children. I love you!

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