A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

April 6, 2014

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Walk away, my children, from the chains that bind you. The chains that stop you from worshipping me. The chains that stop you from dancing before me, the chains that stop you from obeying me, the chains that stop you from praising my name. The chains that keep you in your states of complacency, fear, rituals, self-centeredness, condemnation, and sin. Break off the chains! My son came and died to set you free! He suffered greatly for your freedom, so why do you choose to walk in chains? Be free my people, be free! For whom my son has set free is free indeed!

If you desire to walk in all that I have for you then you must be willing to take steps of faith. No step is too small. Step out! Walk with me in the arena of faith and with each step of faith you take, freedom comes closer to you. For the enemy cannot defeat a child of mine who walks in faith and trust in me. As you step out in faith remember love. For without love your faith will fail. Love is the fuel that activates faith. They must always walk together. Gather near my children. Learn my ways. Look at my Son. Follow Him. For He has prepared the path before you. Take hold of His hand and step out of the boat. He will not fail you! He will not let you drown!

If you are in chains this is what you have allowed and this is what you have chosen. You are a prisoner by choice. For the enemy has been defeated and you have been set free. It is a finished work. Don’t walk around blind and deceived. Walk away from the chains. Those who choose to remain in chains find comfort there. It is their stronghold and they like it. Like an old man who never leaves his home and the comfort he has found there, so are my children who remain in their chains. It is not that you can’t be set free. It is that you won’t. You like your chains. They have become a part of you.

Wake up! You have been set free! And these chains you choose to remain in will keep you from living the victorious life I planned for you. Your chains are the enemy wrapped around you. His venom and his thorns are keeping you bound. Learn my promises by studying my Word. They are life to you! Wake up my children, wake up and be set free!

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