A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

April 4, 2014

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Hear me my people, hear me! For I am not a God who is far from you, I am the God who is within you. Hear me! Come closer into my throne room, draw nearer into my presence. Draw strength from the grace I pour out on you. The time is drawing nearer, the dividing line is at hand and many are not ready. Oh how I call out for my people, ‘Draw nearer! Draw nearer!’ but they do not listen, they do not hear, they do not come. They are so entangled with the world and all that is in it that they cannot see the warning signs that are all around them. The trumpet is about to sound, but first such tribulation and persecution like the world has never seen. Oh, it’s coming, it’s coming my people! Prepare yourselves! Arm yourselves for battle! The time is drawing near. The enemy is getting stronger. My people, if you don’t heed my word you will be lost. Oh, how you will suffer! You must know my promises, you must listen for my voice, you must draw close to me. For I am your ever present help in time of need. Acknowledge me! Draw close to me! I long for you, my people. I long to reach out and help you but you don’t listen. You don’t heed the warning. You go about your days as if nothing is changing. Change is happening! Change is here and its purpose is to destroy you. Now come my people, gather close to me for I long to cover you with my wings of protection. I long to comfort you and keep you safe as a mother protects her children and a father his household. But you must call on me. You must learn to live by my spirit and not your flesh. The time is drawing nearer, the curtain is about to close, the dividing line is at hand. Which side will you be found on? Do not be caught in the night like the virgins with no oil. For I am coming for a bride who is spotless and ready. And the time is drawing near. Will you be ready? Search my word, seek after wisdom. For you are like lost sheep who have gone astray, but wisdom will guide you safely home again. Oh hear me people, the time is drawing near. Will you be ready? Will you?

Be still before me. Be quiet and listen for my voice and for my spirit to guide you and direct you. I will give you grace and strength to endure the days ahead. Now is the time to prepare. Learn to follow my voice. Know my ways. My word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path, but you must know the word that lights your path and apply it to your life. Otherwise, you are like a lamp without oil in a dark and dying world and you will be lost in that darkness. I call out for you, my children, I call out for you! Draw nearer, draw nearer. For the time is short and I love you so much, my dear children! I love you so much.

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