A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

March 30, 2014

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Am I truly worthy, my children? Am I worthy of your praise, your adoration, your time? What does it mean to you to lift up holy hands before me? Is it an honor to worship me? Is it a blessing? For who? Why do you worship me? What do you worship me for? These are things to ponder in your heart. I want you, my children, to know me. But you must know and examine your own heart and motives.

If you will purify your hearts and your thoughts you will be able to draw closer to me. You will begin to truly know me when you clean out your camp, for your camp must be holy because I am holy and I will not accept unclean offerings.

Is a king not worthy of praise? How much more a good king? Yes, I am good. I am holy. And I am worthy of your praise and adoration.

If only you could grasp how much I love you! If only you could grasp it, my people, you would be forever changed! If you could see my Word as a love story written only for you, then you would hunger and thirst for more. You would trust me and obey me. You would yearn to walk in all I have for you! Oh, if you could only grasp how much I love you!

Do not hold back, draw nearer! Come forth boldly into my presence. Come closer into my throne room. Come fellowship with me, my children. Oh how I love you and how I long for more of you! Draw nearer. Do not hold back!

I have so much stored up for you in my storehouses. I hear and receive your prayers. I know all your needs and all your desires. I long to pour out my blessings upon you. Come closer. Draw nearer. Love me more. I truly love you, my children.

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