A Heart for Jesus

A love for God

February 22, 2014

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Wake up my people! Wake up, wake up, wake up! The time is drawing near. Time for renewal and revival like never before seen in this generation. Wake up and be a part of what I am about to do before you! I desire that you hunger and thirst after me, but your hunger and thirst tends to go after the things of this world. To hunger and thirst for me requires that you spend time with me. Get to know me. Sunday morning church is not enough. Daily you need me. Daily drink of me. Daily come into my presence. Daily! Do not think that you will live the victorious life I have for you when you treat my word as a weekly snack. My word must fill you to overflowing. Stop wasting the time I have allotted you here on this earth, for it will never be returned to you. Now is the time!

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up, I say! Time is drawing near. I desire to do great and mighty works among you, but your hunger does not match my desire. When will you care enough to put the things aside that consume your time and your energy and give that time and energy to me? People are dying! Do not believe that you will be held guiltless when you have the keys to their freedom and deliverance held tightly in your hands yet you refuse to do anything about it. The enemy has blinded you and you have allowed it! Wake up! Wake up my people, wake up! There is much turbulence on the horizon. Only my people who stand firm in my word and in their authority can calm it. Otherwise, you and many others will be destroyed unnecessarily. This will be to your guilt because you know the truth but refuse to live it. Many people in foreign countries have seen more of my mighty works that you have and their resources are far less. Many don’t have access to my word as you have, yet their faith, love, and dedication to me is much greater than yours! Wake up! There is work to be done. Time is running out. The keys to understanding lie within the words of my book that are so readily available to you. Get wisdom.

The time for fasting is here. You must crucify the flesh and the desires within. Fasting weakens the flesh and when you are weak, I am strong. Wake up and get moving for time is running out and people everywhere need me. Look around. Do you see people? They need me.  People outside the walls of the church as well as the people within the walls of the church, need me! When you bind together as one, when you put aside differences, pettiness, egos, and pride; when you esteem your brothers and sisters above yourselves and get rid of all gossip and idle talk. When your words lift up and edify others and come from pureness of hearts that truly love, then miracles will begin to happen. Lives will be transformed, people will be saved, and sickness and disease will flee. You want to see my glory? Start living for me and not self. Start living for others, and not just those within the circle of your trusted friends and family. Reach out! Get uncomfortable! Learn of me and trust in me. This requires much, much more than Sundays. Wake up, my people, wake up!

I am so in love with you. Are you in love with me? How often do you think of me? How often do you converse with me? How often do you come to me without any needs, but just to love on me? Are you in love with me? I am so in love with you. You are truly the apple of my eye and my thoughts are continually on you. I long for you and your fellowship. Daily I wait. Daily I wait. Daily, I wait. Do you really love me? I really love you.

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